Fresnedi vs. San Pedro: The Celtics-Lakers of Modern Muntinlupa

Celtics = Green

Lakers = Yellow

These two storied NBA franchises have their identity by their team colors. Much like the political stature of my beloved hometown of Muntinlupa City. Former Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi dons the yellow brand, current Mayor Aldrin L. San Pedro dons the green brand. Both had their legacies, both have different administrative styles, much like the defense-oriented Celtics, and the show-type Lakers. But why do people still compare them to each other?

Mr. Fresnedi focused on education and gigantic infrastructures during his three terms as city mayor. He had the education system and the business system going to a good start, as Muntinlupa was still learning its baby steps as a city during his time. He was responsible for constructing the then-called Fresnedi Sports Complex, which was then renamed to Muntinlupa Sports Center, located behind Muntinlupa Science High School in Tunasan. He also had this Vision 2020 program elaborating on the possible future of the city in the year 2020.

Mr. San Pedro focused on social services, he was well known for his “Libreng Tubig” project which started way back when he was serving as chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan in his native barangay Bayanan. He designed a system for those people who could not afford to pay for medical services, thus instilling the “Green Card” system. He also introduced “LIKAP” or Libreng Kabaong Project for those poor families who can’t afford paying for memorial services of their loved ones who passed away.

My only gripe, why do the people of Muntinlupa compare both of them? Fresnedi’s the mastermind behind the great start to this city, while San Pedro continued its legacy, but making it more accessible to his constituents. They had their contributions, but the people seem to put more fuel to one of the greatest political rivalries in the short, but already rich history of the City of Muntinlupa.

And as the elections draw near, whoever the people choose, the city’s in good hands. Fresnedi seems to make a repeat bid to continue his Vision 2020 program, while San Pedro attempts to spearhead another three years of development for 2012’s Galing Pook Awardee.

Remember, this coming elections, vote wisely.

After I end this blog entry, I’ll just quote a line from a song:
“Dahil sa dulo, bawal ang kakamot-kamot.”

Vote the person you think is more deserving to hold office for your towns, because you might regret if you pick the wrong person.

CharlieV out.


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